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Legal Research in Nexis Uni: Case Law

Nexis Uni

Case Law

Case law documents the decisions of legal cases.

When there is any action or decision on a case (i.e. ruling on a motion or petition in front of the court) there will be a separate record for that decision in Nexis Uni.

There are no records for cases settled out of court

Cases that have not been decided, including those that were settled out of court, will not have a record in the Case Law section of Nexis Uni. 

Try the News section to find information about lawsuits settled out of court.

Search by Party Names

  • Click the drop down next to the search field, and choose Cases.
  • Enter the party names in the search field separated by "v.":  Johnson v. Monroe Street Plumbers

Note: Party name searches can lead to confusing results, with multiple entries for appeals, motions, etc.  Follow the subsequent and prior history to determine the final outcome of a case.

screen shot: search by party name

Search by Citation

  • Click the drop down next to the search field, and choose Cases.
  • Enter the citation in the search field.

When entering citations be careful with spacing and punctuation.  See their Legal Citations page for examples.

Screen shot: search by citation

Search by Topic

  • Click the drop down next to the search field, and choose Cases.
  • Enter your topic in the search field.

Screen shot: search by topic

Narrow your Results

On the results screen, use the narrow options on the left to limit by timeline, court jurisdiction, attorneys, judges, etc.

Screen shot, search results

Shepard's Citations

Nexis Uni screenshotShepard’s Citations help you find all references to a citation (including prior history, subsequent history and all citing references used to decide other cases).

Scholars and lawyers use Shepard's to validate case law and statutes in support of an argument or find additional relevant authorities. Shepard’s also allows you to see the impact of citing cases as well as legislative changes.

To get the Shepard's information:

  • Find the case using one of the methods above.
  • The Shepard's info is on the right side of the case's page.

Shepard's will alert you to subsequent history that affects the analysis of the case.

It also includes icons that tell you if the overall analysis of the case is positive, negative, cautionary, or neutral. See link to help file below.

Click Shepardize this document to retrieve:

  • A list of cases where the judges cited this case in their decision
  • A full appellate history of the case
  • Other citing sources including Law Reviews, Statues, and similar court documents.