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Faculty Resources: Librarian Liaison Directory

Resources specifically for Edgewood College Faculty

Librarians by Academic Department

Discipline Librarian / Email Phone Number
Art John Elliott 663-3284
Art Therapy John Elliott 663-3284
Athletics Nathan Dowd 663-2837
Biological Science Nathan Dowd 663-2837
Business Jonathan Bloy 663-3385
Campus Ministries Nathan Dowd 663-2837
Chemistry Geoscience & Physics Sam Seagrist 663-6786
Child Life Nathan Dowd 663-2837
Communication Studies John Elliott 663-3284
Computer & Information Science Jonathan Bloy 663-3385
Criminal Justice Nathan Dowd 663-2837
Economics Jonathan Bloy 663-3385
Education Nathan Dowd 663-2837
English & Literatures Nathan Dowd 663-2837
Environmental Science Jonathan Bloy 663-3385
Ethnic Studies &
Center for Multicultural Education
Nathan Dowd 663-2837
Film Studies John Elliott 663-3284
Foreign Language John Elliott 663-3284
Global Studies John Elliott 663-3284
History John Elliott 663-3284
Latin American Studies John Elliott 663-3284
Mathematics Sam Seagrist 663-6786
Music John Elliott 663-3284
Nursing Sam Seagrist 663-6786
Organization Development Jonathan Bloy 663-3385
Philosophy John Elliott 663-3284
Political Science Jonathan Bloy 663-3385
Psychology Nathan Dowd 663-2837
Religious Studies John Elliott 663-3284
Sociology Nathan Dowd 663-2837
Sustainability Jonathan Bloy 663-3385
Theatre Arts John Elliott 663-3284
Women and Gender Studies Nathan Dowd 663-2837