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For help with specific types of legal searches, see the other pages of this guide.


Help Files & Tutorials

Quick Start

How to start using Nexis Uni (30 second video)

Search Tips

  • You are trying to match words that are in legal documents. Think about what legal terms might be used in articles you hope to find.
  • When reviewing the first articles you find, look for new search terms to try.
  • To expand your results, try related terms or synonyms (i.e. rent or lease or tenant or landlord).
  • Asterisks (*) and question marks (?) can be used as wildcard characters.  Use ? to replace one letter (wom?n will find woman or women).  Use * to replace a string of letters (rent* will find rent, rented, renting, etc.)

Sort by Relevance

Make sure your search results are Sorted by Relevance. The sort option is in the upper right of the search results.  Articles with more of your search terms will get pushed to the top.

Screenshot, sort by relevance

Print, Email, Save

Icons located above documents and search results have options to Print, Email, Download, save to Google Drive, OneDrive, or get a Print-Friendly view.

Screenshot, print email save

Permanent Link to Documents & Search Results

At a document's page, click the chain link icon at the top to get a permanent link to the document.

A chain link symbol at the end of an article title

At the search results page, click "Actions" at the top to get a permanent link to the search, and see other options.

Screenshot: page actions

Legal Dictionaries on the web

Legal Reference Ebooks

Citing Legal Documents

Citing legal documents (in any style) can be complicated.  Try these resources for guidelines.

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