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Copyright Policy at Edgewood College: Websites/Multimedia

A guide to how the Edgewood College Copyright Policy works

Websites and Multimedia

Websites and multimedia presentations are forms of publication and using material protected by copyright within them falls under the same provisions as other types of publication.

Rather than posting the text of articles, direct students to articles available full text in Library indexes - these are licensed and password-protected. In some cases a direct link to the article can be included. Give the citation and link to the index as a back up access point.

If you digitize a legal copy, post it so that access is restricted to members of the class by using BlackBoard or another means of password-protection. Include a copyright statement and prevent re-distribution as much as possible.

Provide links to materials on the Internet rather than copying them into your website.

Do not digitize print and analog material already available in digital form on campus.

  • Use only 10% or 3 minutes which ever is less of "motion media" or 30 seconds per musical composition of legally acquired material.
  • Attribute all copyrighted material appropriately.
  • Download only resources acquired legally by the website.

Do not 'republish' Web resources on your website without permission. It is usually all right to make links to the original website.

Also see the Obtaining Permission section.