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Special Collections: Policies

College Archives Collection Policy

Mission Statement  

The mission of the Edgewood College Archives is to appraise, collect, organize, describe, and preserve the college’s historical papers, photographs, and artifacts; provide access to these items; and offer information and academic support services to the administration, faculty, students, and researchers interested in the institution’s history.  

For the college archives, collection development seeks to document the activities and functions of the college community, including administration, staff, students, and faculty the 4 major areas of interest are college administration, campus intellectual life, student life and activities, and college/community relations.

Collection Policy

Only those documents, papers and materials pertaining to the purpose of the archives should become part of its collection.

The archives collect digital and physical material related to the history of the college, its faculty, students and staff.  

The archives do not collect college academic, personnel, or financial records. Those are kept by the appropriate unit within the college.  

Anyone contributing material to the archives does so with the understanding that the conservation and disposal of the material will be at the discretion of the Library Director.

Digital Preservation Policy

Purpose Statement

The purpose of digital preservation at our institution is to provide long term storage, care and access to digital content across time and changing technologies. Our goal of responsible digital preservation ties into the College Archives’ overall mission of preserving, documenting, and providing access to the history of Edgewood College.

Materials to be Preserved

The types of digital materials to be preserved will follow the scope of the College Archives Collection policy.  Digital materials will be collected though digitization of analog content, donations of born-digital items, and library staff curating born-digital items from existing campus resources and local news sources.