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Marriage & Family Therapy: Searching Tips for Psychology Databases

Resources for Marriage & Family Therapy Graduate Program

Searching Tips

PsycInfo – American Psychological Association (APA)’s comprehensive, international database with indexing for articles from over 2500 journal titles, book chapters, dissertations, book reviews and more dating back to 1800’s.  Includes books, conference proceedings & dissertations, as well as articles                              

PsycArticles – Another APA resource with full text from 66 journals published by APA and affiliated organizations.  Searching PsycInfo will link to the full text here.  Search options are similar to PsycInfo. All articles - no books or dissertations‚Äč.

Special Features of PsycInfo and PsycArticles         

  • Same thesaurus of psychology terms that are used as subject headings (also referred to as subjects)
  • Ability to focus your search with the limits for age, population, and language
  • Use Methodology to retrieve specific types of studies – Primary research term is Empirical Study
  • Select more than one limit by holding down CTRL and enter 

Selecting records, saving to folder, and exporting functions are the same as in other EBSCO databases. 

Subjects or subject headings within search results

An example from thesaurus of psychology terms  

Examples of search limiters

Examples of additional search limiters