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Information Literacy Instruction: Request Form

Session Types

Classroom/Online Instruction

Librarian attends a class session, presenting on an information literacy topic and/or distributing an in-class activity. This option can be administered in person or virtually, depending on course format. 

Custom Online Tools

Librarian prepares an online course guide or video tutorial for professor to use as supplement to course content. This tool can be posted to Blackboard or other course materials. 

Library Tour 

Librarian directs students around the library building, pointing out collections and services of interest, customized to the group's discipline or research topics. 

Consultation with a Librarian

Professor and librarian consult on a research assignment, in-class activity, or course content on information literacy topics. This option should also be selected if you plan to have students schedule a research consultation with a librarian one-on-one during the semester.