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Doctoral & Masters Nursing Programs: RefWorks

Managing Articles in RefWorks

Although RefWorks has a tool to find Duplicate references, it might be safer to keep them than to delete one that you have already used in Write-N-Cite, or one that your are depending on having in several folders.

RefWorks Add-on for Microsoft Word and Google Docs

RefWorks has free add-ons available for Word and Google Docs. They allow you to add citations and automatically create bibliographies within Word or Google Docs.  More info at the links below.

Help pages from RefWorks:

Quick Cite

Quick Cite is a simple function to add citations and a bibliography to a document.  It lacks several of RefWorks add-on's capabilities:

  • It can not remember all the citations you add to a paper over multiple sessions - its memory is erased when its pop up window is closed.
  • It does not know if you delete a citation from the paper; it will include all citations that you use Quick Cite to insert.
  • It does not create a shorter in-text citation for subsequent uses.