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Copyright for Educators: Media Resources

A guide for educators about copyright and open educational resources.

Be sure to review the terms of use!

Streaming Services in the Classroom

Streaming services often have restrictions on how an account can be used and what can be shown publicly with their services. 

Kanopy: Kanopy allows for public showings of films as long as no profits are made from the screening. Anything available on Kanopy is free to use in the classroom. You can browse available movies by subject here.

Netflix: Netflix does allow for certain of their documentaries to be used in a classroom setting. These titles will have a grant of permission on their details page. You can find more information and see what that looks like here. View the list of available titles on this page. Anything without this grant of permission should not be used in the classroom.

Hulu and Amazon Prime: Both Hulu and Amazon Prime have in their terms of service that use is restricted to "personal, non-commercial" purposes (section 3.2 of Hulu's Terms of Use and section 4h of Amazon Prime's). Using either of these in the classroom would be non-commercial, but as it is not for personal use these services should not be used in the classroom.