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Journal Evaluation for Authors: Where to Publish

Selecting a Journal

Consider the following when searching for and selecting a journal:

  • Peer-reviewed.
  • Relevance:  What journals were your references published in?  Does the journal publish the appropriate type of article?  Does it read by your target audience?
  • Prestige / Journal Impact Factor.
  • Public Access: Does your article need to comply with the NIH Public Access Policy
  • Discoverability / Visibility: What databases index the journal (include citations)?  How many libraries own it?

Discoverability / Visibility Resources

Resources for Finding Journals


Reviewers information (guidelines, selection, turnaround time) may be posted for the publisher or for each journal.  If the journal name is commonly used for other purposes, try searching by the ISSN.

Email the journal editors for information not posted on their websites.

Ask a Librarian