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Guide for research in PHYS 350

Core Resources

These databases provide access to many science teaching journals. 

Research Tips

Use 'OR' between search terms to find articles with either keyword (more search results)

Use 'AND' to only find articles with both terms (fewer search results) 

To search for a set of words together, put quotation marks around the phrase. In this case, searching "mathematical models" will help to weed out unnecessary results related to 'mathematical' or 'models' on their own. 

Search screen with mathematical models in one box and temperature or heat in a second box

Use an asterisk (known as truncation) to find all results with the same root word. For example, typing 'chem*' will search for 'chemistry', 'chemical', and so on. 

Search screen with mathematical models in one box and chem asterisk in the second box

Using the all text field (TX All Text) will get you the most results because the database will look for your search terms in the whole article. If you're getting too many results, try searching just the title field (TI Title)   


Requesting Articles Through Oscar Express

If you see an article you want to use but there's no full text to view, that means we need to ask another library to send us a copy. You can do this by clicking "Request item via Oscar Express" underneath the article. 

Screenshot of an article from the search results page

Using RefWorks to Create a Bibliography

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