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Oscar Express: FAQs


What is Oscar Express?

Oscar Express allows you to request books and articles that are not available through the Edgewood Library from other libraries across the country.  It's powered by software called ILLiad (InterLibrary Loan internet accessible database).

Who can use InterLibrary Loan/Oscar Express?

All currently enrolled students and currently employed staff and faculty with an active Edgewood ID.

Is there any fee for the service?

The library allows a certain number of free ILL requests per year:

  • Undergraduate students: 40 free requests
  • Graduate students: 70 free requests
  • Faculty and staff: 75 free requests

Each item over the limit will be charged to the patron at the rate of half the cost to the Library, with a $3.00 minimum.

How long does it take?

Books usually take 5-7 business days to arrive. Articles and book chapters, which are sent electronically, take 1-3 business days on average. However, the department cannot guarantee any delivery date. Please submit your requests well ahead of any deadlines.

How does it work?/How do I log on?

Logon with your Edgewood Username and Password, select the appropriate request form, fill out the form with all the required information and submit. If you are in a database and find an item you are interested in you can click on "Request item via Oscar Express" and then follow the same steps but it will fill out the request form for you. The first time you log in you will have to answer a few registration questions so we know how to contact you and get your items to you. 

How will I know when the item arrives?

We will notify you via email when it arrives. You can also check the status of your requests by logging into your Oscar Express account and clicking on "All Requests."

Where do I pick up my book or item?

Articles and book chapters are usually delivered electronically. Log in to your Oscar Express account, click on the "Electronically Received Articles" link on the left side and then you can click on an article to view or download. These will be available in your Oscar Express account for 30 days. You can download the article if you need to save it or keep it longer. 

Books may be picked up at the Edgewood Library Front Desk or at Deming Way. To make use of the full loan period, pick up the book promptly. 

For some distance doctoral students we may be able to mail the items to your address. 

Where do I renew my item?

You can renew an item by logging into your Oscar Express account and clicking on the link "Checked out/Renew Items" on the left side, choose which item to renew, and click renew. You can also contact the library and we can try and renew the item for you. Not all libraries allow their items to be renewed. If the item is overdue or if you have already renewed it once you will have to contact the library to renew the item. 

Where do I return my item?

You can return items at the Edgewood College Library or at Deming Way.

My item was recalled. What does that mean?

A library may decide that they need an item back. If your item was recalled please return it as soon as possible and we can try and request it from another library if you still need it longer. 

Other Questions?

Email, or use the Ask a Librarian links on this page.


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