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Faculty Development: Free Subscriptions to Webinars

Guide to Faculty Development Resources.

Online Resources for Faculty Development

  • Edgewood College Magna Commons Subscription

    Magna Commons is an extraordinary collection of online, cloud-based professional development resources for faculty and administrators.   See the information below regarding how to get an access code for your Edgewood subscription (available to all faculty and staff).

    Watch recorded webinars presented by highly respected names in higher education. You can access these videos at home, at work, in a group, on a tablet, or even on a smartphone.  Tailor your viewing and readings to your own professional development needs.

    Each seminar comes with supporting resources, including:

    •   Handouts;

    •   Supplemental materials;

    •   An in-depth facilitator's discussion guide; and

    •   A complete transcript. 

    To obtain login and password information, contact Rebecca Zambrano at

  • Edgewood College Subscription to (Lynda) is an online education portal offering thousands of video courses in software, creative, and business skills. There are thousands of video classes created by expert instructors, easily accessible from your computer, tablet,  or mobile device. You may view an entire course or a single video within the course. You and your students have full access to all of these videos.  In addition, you may also create playlists of videos for your students, who may access them directly through Blackboard. Contact Diane Deci to learn more about assigning playlists to your students.  To access Lynda go to  Login using your Edgewood College email address and password.

Last Month's Highlighted Magna Commons Webinars

Changes to Copyright & Fair Use: What Faculty Need to Know 

Sharing information is at the heart of what you do in higher education. Make sure you know how to do it while avoiding copyright infringement. This seminar shows you practical ways to approach the issues of copyright infringement and best practices in fair use, even while the legal interpretation of copyright law is in a state of flux.


Active Learning That Works: What Students Think 

From the teacher’s point of view, active learning should be a powerful instructional tool, but what do the students really think about it? Are they actually learning what you intend when you use these teaching strategies in the college classroom? To find out, listen to some real experts on the subject—students themselves!


Designing Online Learning to Spark Intrinsic Motivation 

This seminar helps you engage your students so they rediscover their natural curiosity and drive to learn. Learn how to incorporate specific instructional strategies that help students align their personal goals with your course content so that they see the value in learning what you are teaching.


Collegiality from a Positive Leadership Perspective

Collegial environments have to be created and cultivated thrive. One way to accomplish this is through positive leadership, a strategy that emphasizes building on strengths and opportunities rather than simply solving problems or correcting flaws.