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EMPOWER: Finding Articles: Searching

Your assignment

Woman at computerYour professor asks you to write a paper about some aspect of time management. You can use either popular or scholarly articles to support your paper.

You decide to write about how students manage their time. A good place to begin is with a general periodical database.

Keyword Searching

Before you begin searching any database, you'll need to pick out the keywords in your topic. These keywords can be used to search in a database. More information about choosing your topic and keywords is in the module called Choosing Your Topic.

The keyword search looks in many fields in the database:

Keyword searching chart

Search Tips

You can use more than one keyword while searching.

Here are are tips to help you create a keyword search:

  • Use quotes to search phrases, such as "time management"
  • Use AND, OR, and NOT to combine search terms, such as students and "time management"
  • Use truncation to find words with multiple endings. Most databases use * or ? as wildcards to truncate. Entering student* will find results with the words student or students.
  • Double check your spelling: most library databases will not help you with spelling the way Google does!

Search for articles in OneSearch

No full-text in the database?

If the database you're using doesn't have the full text for the article you want, and it is in another database that we subscribe to, you will see a link labeled "Full Text Finder."

If the article isn't available through Edgewood College, we may be able to get it for you via Oscar Express, our Interlibrary Loan service.

Another way to locate an article is to search for the article title in OneSearch, the library's search engine that searches most of our subscription resources at once. See the video below on how to request items you find through OneSeach.

There is also a related video on how to initiate a request from scratch. Oscar Express: Creating a new request.

Have skills that transfer!

Now you've seen how OneSearch works. But what about all the other databases? Won't they look different?

Yes. But once you've learned the basics, it will be like using a friend's phone. You know there are icons to send a text or make a call, you just need to find them. Even though databases may look different, they all have similar features. If you can't figure out how to use a database, check for help screens or ask a librarian.

Good job!

You have completed the Finding Articles tutorial! Now you should be able to:

  • distinguish between popular and scholarly periodicals
  • choose a periodical database appropriate to your information need
  • identify keywords for a topic
  • use periodical databases to find an article on a topic

If you are using EMPOWER as part of a course, log on to Blackboard and take the Finding Articles quiz.


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