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Communication Studies 100: Sources for articles

A place to start your research

Sources for articles:

  • Use the “Subject terms” list to find the correct subject heading.
  • Enter a search term in the Browsing: Academic Search Complete – Subject terms search box, i.e. “global warming.” 
  • In this case, click on “GLOBAL warming” to see if it is really a useful subject heading for your research purposes.  If so, “copy” the words “global warming.”
  • Now, go back to your original search box and “paste” your subject heading in the box at the left.  In the right hand box, choose “subject.

Screen shot

  • Also choose “scholarly (Peer reviewed) Journals.
  • Unless you are very pressed for time, do not choose “Full text.”  Why?  The ideal article may not be full text in this database, but the Library can always get it for you.
  • At the article page, clicking on the journal title tells you about this publication – has audience, publisher, and links to other issues.
  • From the results list, select articles that you find useful by checking the box on the left.
  • Click on the Marked Items icon and Save your list by e-mailing and/or printing

Additional sources