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Faculty Development: Communication, Grades, FERPA

Guide to Faculty Development Resources.

Communication, Grades, FERPA

  1. Post your schedule on or near your door, and keep your office hours. Let students know the best way to reach you when you when you are out of the office (e.g., voicemail, email, or a note in your mailbox). You are expected to be available outside of class for student assistance.
  2. Instructors and students are to use Edgewood email accounts (rather than personal accounts) for course related communications. 
  3. Student Academic Progress: Fill out an Academic Alert Notice if a student has multiple absences or is otherwise not performing satisfactorily in class. Staff and advisors will follow up with the student.
  4. Instructors are to submit midterm grades for all freshman and sophomores in their classes. Plan for early assessment of academic progress, and watch for an email from the Registrar's Office regarding the midterm grading period and instruction for submitting grades online via Edgewood Express. 
  5. Instructors need to be familiar with FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), which protects students' right to privacy and the confidentiality of academic records. Take care that classmates, parents, spouses, and siblings do not have access to students' grades and papers without the student's written permission. Use caution when distributing graded material, do not post student grades publicly, and seal student work in an envelope when returning it outside of class. For more information, see the Guidelines for FERPA Compliance below.