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Faculty Development: External Funding

Guide to Faculty Development Resources.

External Funding for Your Research

1. Faculty and staff are encouraged to begin grant writing projects by working within departments and schools to ensure that you have the support of your chair, dean, and VPAA as appropriate.

2. Once you have successfully put the project in motion, contact the Advancement Office to assess external funding. All proposals submitted through the College must be submitted by the Advancement Office.


Office for Institutional Advancement
Phone: (608) 663-3328

Grant Proposal Steps

Several aspects will need to be addressed for any proposed project; as you develop your project and proposal, please consider the following questions:

  • What is the scope of the project (e.g., duration; general funding level; internal and external participants and partners)?
  • Are you seeking any commitments from the College during the grant period (e.g., matching funds, new positions, office space, computers or equipment, release time)?
  • Is this a one-time request? If not, do you have a plan for continued support?
  • Are you seeking any commitment from the College after the grant period ends?
  • Does this project support one or more of the College’s strategic priorities?
    • Cultivate an inclusive teaching and learning environment
    • Encourage civic engagement by faculty, staff and students
    • Attract, retain, and develop high quality faculty and staff
    • Advance the infrastructure necessary to support our efforts
    • Ensure financial health
    • Assess learning and institutional effectiveness
  • Have you established the support of your department and of the dean of your school?
  • Do you have a specific funding agency in mind or are you seeking assistance in identifying a funder?

As you begin the process you will be asked to fill out a Grant Review and Approval Form. This form will require two sets of signatures at different times during the process:

  • The first set is required before proceeding with a proposal and includes signatures that indicate the project has been approved by the Department, School, VPAA’s Office, and Grants Office.
  • The second set is required before submission of a proposal to a funding agency and includes an additional review of the budget (and any College commitment, if relevant) by the Business Office and VP-Advancement.

The process may involve additional steps, depending on the scope of the project (e.g., HPRB). Several groups across campus are in the process of collaborating on updating policies related to seeking out and obtaining external funding. When completed these will be made available on this site. Currently, faculty members are encouraged to work with relevant academic offices, the Grants Office and the Business Office to address such requirements, if relevant.

Grant Funding Databases

In addition to resources available publicly and through professional organizations, the College has access to two funding databases.

A database of grant and funding opportunities for faculty and staff (formerly Illinois Researcher Information Service) made available through the Oscar Rennebohm Library. Faculty and staff have full access to this database.