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Faculty Development: Internal Funding

Guide to Faculty Development Resources.

Internal Funding Reviewed by Faculty Development Committee

The Faculty Development Committee at Edgewood College oversees the distribution of funds for Mini-grants, Instructional Development Grants, Scholarship Development Grants, and Educational Programming Grants. The chair of the committee sends out a call for applications via email.

  • The call for Mini-Grant applications goes out four times a year. These grants are primarily for travel and other projects with costs that exceed departmental budgets. Eligibility information can be found in the Faculty Handbook.
  • Instructional Development and Scholarship Development Grant calls go out two times per year, at the beginning of each semester. These grants are intended for significant projects that fall outside of the normal expectations of a faculty member, and are often in the form of course release time. (Proposals for revising a course or developing a new course are considered normal workload, and typically are not funded.) For details, please see the Faculty Development Handbook, found in the quick links section of the Faculty Development homepage.
  • Education Programming Board Grant calls go out twice a year, at the beginning of each semester. These grants provide resources to host a campus-wide event that has broad support across two or more schools or departments, such as bringing a speaker or event to the Edgewood campus.

When applying for an FDC grants, it is important to read instructions carefully, and to fill out the application form in its entirety. Please keep in mind that the forms are frequently revised. Submit your documents using the most recent forms and guidelines in order to meet the application requirements. Applications are sent to

Successful Scholarship and Instructional Development Grants

These sample applications are good models for your Scholarship and Instructional Development Grant proposals.  Used with permission of the authors.

Grant Application Forms

Please refer to the most recent communication from the Faculty Development Committee chair regarding specific application deadlines throughout the semester. Below you will find the grant application forms.

Call Dates and Due Dates for Internal Grants