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Database spotlight: Historical New York Times

by Jonathan Bloy on 2016-03-21T11:19:19-05:00

New York Times front page, Dec. 28, 1956Hands down, the database to which the Humanities crowd should nearly live in, is The Historical New York Times to find contemporaneous news stories on the topics that they are studying.   Trace the rise of Andy Warhol’s career?  It’s there.  Read about Marcel Duchamp’s antics at the Armory Show?  Yup.  Follow the Civil Rights movement.  It’s there too.

The Historical New York Times is also an antidote to getting too caught up in our era.

So, hoarding is new right?  Wrong.  In 1947, New York had the Collyer Brothers, who perfected hoarding.

Urban bombings and terrorism are also new?  No.  For sixteen years, New York was terrorized by George Metesky, AKA The Mad Bomber.

Really, The Historical New York Times has all the news that is fit to print.  You'll find a link to that database in the library's A-Z Resource List, the History Research Guide, and other related guides.

John Elliott,
History Librarian


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