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Art Resources: Finding Free Stuff

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Finding Free Images

NOTE: Not all images in these collections are free. Be sure to check the license for each image for more details.   

Icons and Clipart

Why Should I Use Free Images?

In most cases, images are protected under copyright by the creator. Using copyright-protected images without permission could be a copyright infringement. To avoid legal consequences, use images that can be "Reused, Revised, Remixed, or Redistributed", including:

  • Public Domain works (copyright has expired)
  • United States government works (do not qualify for copyright protection)
  • Creative Commons licensed works (creators have specifically granted a license for others to reuse the content within specific limits)

What About Fair Use?

Fair use may be an option in some cases. There are four factors to be considered in determining whether or not a particular use is fair:

1. Purpose
2. Nature of the Copyrighted Work
3. Amount and Substantiality
4. Effect of use on the Potential Market

It's a good idea to conduct a Fair Use Analysis before using copyrighted materials

Other Free Media

Music and Sounds Effects